Selkie Photography

Images that speak

Welcome to Selkie Photography!

Taking the name from Scottish and Irish folklore, Selkie Photography is my creative photographic practice seeking to create images that speak to the heart, be they beautiful landscapes, reportage or social commentary. I believe in allowing pictures to speak and as such intend the images to be displayed in a way that allows layers of meaning to be discerned over time. You can discover more about my photography on these pages. My interests are wide and constantly evolving, but a general theme in my work is people and their relationships: with their environment; with their occupations; with their beliefs and/or social traditions; and with each other. You can follow me on Instagram @Selkie_photos but please take time to browse the galleries here showcasing a selection of my work. If you like what you see, please contact me.

A triptych showing my father at age 93. The left and right images are of him playing chess. The centre panel shows him reading under a strong light.